Rachel McCord Looks Glamorous During A Skin-Filled Studio Shoot

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elliot-wolf - February 28, 2018

Rachel McCord needs to be placed in a pair of handcuffs. She’s been getting away with way too much as of late. There has to be some law she’s breaking while wearing that bikini. She looks way to good. The only problem I have here is that I would never willingly encourage a woman like her to put some clothes on. I’m conflicted. Because my conscious is telling me I should tell her to cover up. But I know the less clothes the better. I often walk around the house with the minimal amount of clothes that would still categorize me as modest if company happened to stop by unannounced. You haven’t lived life if never felt a southern summer breeze whizz past you without a shirt on. Clothing can be a hindrance so I think I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut when it comes to McCord.

I may need some of that water she’s holding. Looking at her leaves me hot and bothered in the best way possible. I hope Rachel isn’t one of those women that play hard to get. There aren’t too many things that look better in the passenger seat of pick-up than a beautiful blonde. Consider this an official invitation for McCord to make her way into my life.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA