Rachel McCord Blue Bikini Hotness In Malibu

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bill-swift - May 30, 2016

You know by now I don't like to play favorites. Yet I'm also extremely opportunistic. So in the presence of Rachel McCord, I'm likely to blurt out that she's my favorite among the McCord sisters, all three of whom have come to Los Angeles to seek fame and fortune and show off their tall slender bodies in bikinis and less. This isn't totally true as my dream is to be the meat in a double decked McCord hot bodied sandwich. Don't you worry, I'll produce both layers.

Rachel McCord was on the beach in Malibu showing off in a blue bikini. She appeared rather candid but knowing that beach in Malibu as I do from sleeping there many nights, I have to surmise Rachel is exhibiting her taut bikini body for a photoshoot of some professional endeavor. Rachel likes to call herself a blogger, which thereby makes me only the second most attractive blogger in the business suddenly. I can live with that if Rachel can live with me imagining I'm giving her body an all-over aloe vera scrub after her bikini beach prancing. I'm extremely thorough, Rachel. You'll find gel in places you didn't even know you had three months from now. That good. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash