Rachel McCord Bikini Hotness In Santa Monica

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bill-swift - April 19, 2016

I don't know where they teach the hot girls how to shimmy out of their Daisy Dukes and down to their bikinis on the beach but I hope Bernie Sanders at least makes those school free to all women with slender fine beach body forms like Rachel McCord. We've been lusting over older sisters AnnaLynne McCord and Angel McCord for several years. Now it's time to pay due to the third arrived McCord sister, Rachel, who like her tall lean and super fine sisters has a penchant for show off her boobtastic bikini body to fortunately timed beach goers in need of an ogling pick me up.

Rachel was teasing and flaunting her sweet two-piece swimsuit body and that signature McCord full head of hair, a throwback to the beach dreams of the 80's when big hair and leopard print bikinis were at least the common denominator of every single music video. Rachel really has the preens and body twists nailed down. And that Daisy Duke thing. It's like a prescription for all that ails you. Get thee to a beach. And keep your peeps upon the fine body of Rachel McCord. I'm not a doctor, but I once played with a woman who played on on television. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash