Rachel McAdams Takes Off Her Coat and… Whoah, Hotness and Sideboob

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bill-swift - January 13, 2011

Just when I'm still ogling Rachel McAdams getting out of her car and flashing some near thigh-gina(TM), she goes and takes off her big overcoat, steps out onto the red carpet, and, wow, be still my Dunkin Donut clogged heart. Rachel McAdams looks just ridiculously hot, flashing some serious sideboob and skin in the middle of the London winter, for the benefit of all man-kind. Mother Theresa eat your heart out; here's a real giver. (Just kidding, M.T. did some fine work too, though couldn't come close to doing justice to this dress.) I seriously think I need a quiet moment now to assess what Rachel McAdams done just did here with this reveal. It's quite epic. Enjoy.

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