Rachel Hilbert Candidly Flashes Her Bikini Body Behind the Scenes of a Victoria’s Secret Shoot

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bill-swift - October 16, 2014

Wow, when Victoria's Secret sets about to reload its stable of sextastic young ladies in swimsuits and lingerie, it does so rather seriously and voluminously. Add to the clipboard of seemingly never-ending hotties the name of Rachel Hilbert, blonde, young, crazy hot bodied and pulling her thong out of her perfect tush on Miami Beach in an attempt to sell more bikinis for the industry leader.

Rachel reminds us once again that the sextastic is a nonstop river of goodness that flows continuously with new and fresh talent galore. She also reminds me that it's probably time to do a few crunches so she doesn't have to control her disappointed looks when I remove my tank top and ask her if she'd like to play pickle ball at my place. Rachel, you are welcome at my door any hour of the day, though I would prefer a time when all my neighbors can see you coming over. I need the gossip bump. Enjoy.