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aldo-vallon - October 4, 2017

 Holy Crow! Is it possible for a woman to maintain a body like that through natural means, or does it require daily applications of liposuction? Regardless, whatever Rachel Cook has been doing has clearly been working because she is looking tighter than a tiger in skinny jeans. And that is no small feat in itself. First you have to find a pair of jeans in its size, then tranquilize the cat, and finagle its legs through the hole. It really is more trouble than it is worth because once the drugs wear off the tiger is just going to tear those pants to shreds. Your time would be much better spent on trying to find a pair of pants for Rachel, tracking her down, and giving them to her. I guarantee she will be more appreciative than the tiger, who would not give so much as a thank you for all my trouble. I know some people were not as fortunate as I in their upbringings, but I thought common courtesies were common knowledge. It would appear I was wrong in that presumption. But believe you me, that is the last time I buy clothes for a feline of any size.  


Photo Credit: Haydeep Photography