Questions For ‘Game of Thrones’ This Weekend

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bill-swift - May 25, 2013

It's Memorial Day weekend guys; there are going to be BBQ's and beach days and the unofficial start to a summer. So, who wants to spend any of it indoors? Uh, we do. Not only are there a bunch of movies to see and all that Arrested Development business, we're winding down Game of Thrones. Seriously, there are only two episodes left of  this season, and as we wait for Sunday night's penultimate episode, there are some seriously vexing questions we need answered:

When is Daenerys Targaryen going to get naked again? After rumors swirled this week that Emilia Clarke might not do anymore nude scenes, we want to get our fill ASAP.

How many more times can we talk about the John Snow's cunning linguistics? Yep, he ate out that chick. And everyone knows it because it has been mentioned almost as many times as the forthcoming winter. Guess no one bothered to tell Mr. Snow: When you go down on a Wildling girl that Wildling girl is your Wildling girl for life....and she will never shut up about it. Seriously, it has to come up at least once before season's end.

How many more hookers have to die? Not cool, King Joffrey, not cool. We know you like your shiny new crossbow and all. And, shit, we love crossbows, too; they're badass. But can't you point them at something or someone other than sexy prostitutes? How's about you point it at your mom, your grandfather, or both?

Things we hope we don't see? Tyrion's dinklage. Or any more of anyone's dinklage for that matter.

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