‘Quake Champions’ Has Champions, And It’s Not Afraid To Use Them

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chris-littlechild - July 27, 2016

  So, Ego-friends. What say you about the Doom reboot? There are some gripes to bitch about, as there always will be with any game, but overall I’m pretty darn impressed. The grisly-ass new melee finishers, the super fast action, the pounding soundtrack… what’s not to like?  

Off the back of that, I was pretty pleased to see another rebooting effort from id Software at E3 2016. Quake Champions marks the return of another of the iconic arena shooter franchises, although with a good helping of contemporary mechanics thrown in. Just to, y’know, prove that these old classics are still down with the kids and such.

In true contemporary Overwatch style, each character (or ‘champion,’ natch), has different abilities that affect how you play. Arena shooter purists were a little pissed by this, but id’s creative director, Tim Willits, explained: ‘One thing we discovered with Quake is that everyone plays Quake differently.’ So they’re just dropping a little variety on our asses.

The rest of us will want to take a closer ogle at the champions on offer, and how they differ from each other. Willits has briefly introduced four of the champions, and explained their signature abilities. From Visor and his Piercing Sight (think Halo 4’s Promethean Vision) to the chunky-ass tank Scale Bearer and his deadly Bull Rush, there’s something for everyone right here. Check them out in action in this spangly new trailer:

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