Put Those Fun Size Snickers Down. Here Are The Most Creative Halloween Costumes Ever

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bill-swift - November 1, 2012

Ah, Halloween. Old Hallow's Eve. When kids go door-to-door hoping to get bucket loads of candy. When parents watch nervously, hoping their kids don't end up knocking on the door of a convicted sex offender. When girls ages 18-35 get back at their father's by wearing something that would offend a Harlem pimp. Like most red-blooded men in this country, it's that third one that makes this holiday worth celebrating. Otherwise it's just a bunch of people with clown make-up painted across their faces sitting across from me at my office like I'm the A-hole for looking like a normal person.

That being said, as much as I love a sexy costume, I also do appreciate the really smart ones, the creative ones, the ones that make your jaw drop not because it's a sorority girl wearing less fabric than a handkerchief but because someone used their noggin to put something together that stands out from all the stupid Scream masks people buy for $8.99 and call it a day. So I searched far and wide for the best costumes that show, despite what insipid, regurgitated drech Hollywood churns out, there's still some originality left in the world.

So here are the most creative Halloween costumes I've ever seen.

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