Puerto Rican Hottie Dashil Hernandez Bikini Booty In Miami

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bill-swift - January 20, 2016

I can't say I approve of the bikini top of Dashil Hernandez, the hottie Puerto Rican fashion model walking in all the big runway shows that you don't give a damn about except for the backstage changings and the after parties, as it should be. I'm supposed to be consulted on all bikini design changes by the world's most sextastic women. It's in my contract. Dashil's unfortunately is I'm sure considered cute by the girls, but not a big help to the gentleman ogling set who I represent.

Nevertheless, let us never overlook the super fine booty of a sultry Latina with a tight bottom and a black thong. Not that we would, but may we never. It's like a beacon of hope mixed with a healthy does of erection. Really, hope and erections are all we are at the end of the day. Dashil's stellar fine model form provides yet another set of sweet hot bikini peeks on Miami beach where international models come to see and be seen and if my prayers are ever answered in full, catfight en masse on the sand until all their bikinis are ripped to shreds. Still waiting. I'm a patient man with a horrible bout of impatience. Get in there, Dashil and pull off some tops, starting with your own. En fuego! Enjoy.

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