PS4‘s ‘Resogun’ Just Got a Whole Lot Sexier and/or Shootier

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chris-littlechild - June 24, 2014

Naturally, that's 'sexier' in the designing your own fancy-ass ship sense.

Yes indeed, perhaps you remember Resogun. It was among the first PS4 games offered for free, as part of the Plus-is-now-mandatory-you-bastards promotion. A pixeltastic retro shooter, this indie release wowed all nerdly fans of particle effects. Could you think of a better introduction to the console than an odd robo-woman screeching SAVE THE LAST HUMANS at you? Damn right you couldn't.

The good news is that Resogun is back with a fancy little update. It brings the Ship Editor, which will allow you to make your own craft and alter its stats and weapon as you wish. Local co-op play is also added, for a bit of good ol' human savin' with a couch companion. As male bonding rituals go, it's right up there with taking a pee together or heading out into the woods to shoot something in the face.

The even good-erer news is that full-blown DLC is also on the way. The Heroes pack will hit PSN on Wednesday, with the Survival and Demolition modes in tow. It's a great time to rediscover one of the early PS4 gems.

Via Gamespot.

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