PS Vita’s ‘Killer App,’ Soul Sacrifice, Brings the Ugliest Damn DLC Ever to Japan (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - May 17, 2013

Yes indeed. Many of the Vita-ers among us have surely been reveling in the ghastly, macabre delights of Soul Sacrifice, a co-op action RPG which lends its own twisted take on the Monster Hunter premise. Alone or in a team, it tasks sorcerers with dispatching a whole smorgasbord of lumpen demon-nasties from the depths of Beelzebub's ballsack; sacrificing items, their very flesh and even their allies' lives to cast forbidden magic as the need arises. Because nuts to morals, that's why.

Boasting thoroughly compelling, deftly-crafted and generally nightmarish lore (and the kind of hideous ‘boss' foes that'd make even loons like H.P Lovecraft foul their undercrackers), Soul Sacrifice is an intriguing offering with the potential to become a great exclusive IP for PlayStation Vita. Which could, as we know, certainly use a light invigorating electrical charge to the sales-gonads in that department.

It's heartening, then, to see an array of DLC packages being added to PSN post-release. Those announced thus far are free, and will provide new foes to fight, further character customization options and so forth. In North America, the first expansion will arrive on May 28, but our friends in Japan reached their fourth DLC pack today; containing the ugly-ass majesty of the Tragic Troll. Behold him in all his resembling-a-vast-mutated-hemorrhoid-from-the-Elephant-man's-butt glory above.

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