PS Plus Turns Five; Gifts For Everyone! Well, Some of Us. Well, Barely Any Of Us

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bill-swift - January 16, 2016

Well, who the hell knew? PS Plus hit five years old last Summer. The service has had its ups and downs, sure; it famously died on its ass last Christmas and its monthly freebies have been pretty damn craptacular at times, but where would PlayStation gamers be without it?

They wouldn't be playing online at all, that's for sure. What with subscriptions being mandatory now and everything. But anywho, the point is that some of us have stuck with the service since the beginning. The faithful, the early adopters, the ones who have put up with all kinds of BS. If you're one of those people, Sony may have a little love coming your way.

As I say, PS Plus hit the milestone last Summer, and it seemed to come and go without anyone paying too much attention to it. Now, months later, some kinda-cool posters have finally started finding their way to Plus veterans. Let's take an ogle at Legion_Dragon's:

It's a nice little keepsake, detailing various stats from your gaming career. Some of which will, natch, be entirely outdated by the time you receive it, but let's not be pernickety.

Oh, and if you do get yourself one, don't show your girl. I'm sure she doesn't need written evidence of the amount of time you spend playing.

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