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michael-garcia - September 13, 2016

Indian beauty Priyanka Chopra does the covered topless bit for us in this scintillating spread for GQ. Priyanka is so friggin' hot my computer is heating up as I right this. I'm going to have to shut it down until it cools off. Priyanka didn't bother to wear a bra to the shoot, which is just another battle won in the war against bras. She's got a massive pair of funbags on her and I would personally like to motorboat them until dawn. But alas, I will probably never get the chance. In the meantime I can look at these pics and dream. I have a soft spot in my heart for Indian women. I think they are effing gorgeous. When I went to India it was like being in a candy store that had cows roaming around everywhere. Seriously, they are like pigeons are in New York. 

But I digress. You are going to be seeing a lot more of Priyanka in the near future and that is A-OK by me. 


Photo Credit: GQ

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