Printed Lattes, Anyone? We’d Rather Have Better Coffee

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bill-swift - June 25, 2013

So a latte printer exists now. Basically, it's use to 'print' stuff on the foam that's found on top of lattes using colored cocoa powder. It was debuted by Taiwan coffee chain Lets Caffe to attract more customers, since Starbucks was apparently drawing away the bulk of their customers.

We hate to break it to the folks at Lets Caffe, but printed foam probably isn't going to turn anyone into a loyal patron. Good coffee will, but perhaps that's too much to ask in this day and age where overpriced cups of coffee that aren't any better than the stuff you can mix from powdered beans abound.

The process to create printed latte art is pretty simple and straightforward. Patrons just have to upload a photo of whatever it is they want to print and wait. Quick, easy, but again, completely unnecessary.

If you happen to be in Taiwan and do happen to try the Latte Printer, then please print something interesting on your cup of Joe. We prefer something along the lines of a nekkid Kelly Andrews, but if that's too much to ask, then a covered (but still sex-tastic) Natasha Barnardwill do.

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