Prince Is Dead Too

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Lex Jurgen - April 21, 2016

The artist known as Prince is dead. Early reports are he was suffering from flu like symptom which means The AIDS or another immune deficiency complication because people in their 50's in Minnesota don't die from the flu. Not in the Spring. Unlike almost every single pop music star ever, Prince was a supremely talented musician, songwriter, and performer. He was a scrawny fey black dude who could shtup any woman he wanted. That took some talent. And a lot of songs about sex. Rihanna sings about sex, but it's different, because she's semi-retarded and her music is composed for her by a glitch in the Garage Band app. Though I'd still fuck her over Prince, especially now that Prince is dead. There's no room left in this world for talented musical artists. You banged a ton of premium pussy. And a few dudes. You accidentally made Sinead O'Connor famous. We're not all perfect. You created a boatload of premium music. You're job here was done. Show St. Peter that trick where fake jizz shoots out of your guitar. Because that fucker thinks he's seen everything.

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