Prince Harry And Other Naughty Royals

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bill-swift - August 23, 2012

Prince Harry got into a spot of bother when he was photographed playing strip billiards with some ladies he met in Vegas. I didn't even know strip billiards was a thing, but then there is a lot of stuff about the British I don't know like what a crumpet is or why One Direction is famous. It's pretty dumb of Harry to do such acts of ribaldry in public seeing as he is, you know...THIRD IN LINE TO BE KING OF ENGLAND! I'm sure the Queen is going to beat his ginger ass with one of her scepter things when he gets back to England.

Still, Harry is not the first royal to be involved with a sex scandal. It's a monarch tradition, like inbreeding and oppressing serfs. Here are some of the naughtiest royals in history.

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