President Obama for NFL Commissioner?

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bill-swift - July 27, 2012

Eventually President Barack Obama is going to join the ranks of the unemployed, either soon or in another four years. Although I doubt he is hurting for cash, even the financially secure like to work. After you've led the free world what job can you really do for an encore? What kind of job is a former president really suited for?

It will need to be something of importance. It will have to be something that requires a calm demeanor, a level head, and the ability to make decisions that millions will scrutinize. Most of all it needs to be something cool. How about NFL commissioner?

The toughest part of the job has to be trying to reign in some of the outrageous and sometimes dangerous behavior of the players. Goodell does an admirable if not always successful job of doing that, but eventually the man will step down. We will need someone who can get guys like James Harrison and Ndamukong Suh to fall in line.

Obama could very well be the man to do just that. After all, he's done something that the Atlanta Falcons could never get Michael Vick to do, and the Philadelphia Eagles will be forever grateful to him for. He got Vick to say he'd start sliding.

Vick has never been a slider, something that has aggravated his coaches and caused more than a few of the injuries he's had. On one hand, you have to love his all out style of play, but on the other hand you want your starting QB healthy. The slide rule was made just to help QBs do just that. But Vick just doesn't do it.

At a recent fundraiser, President Obama asked  fellow Eagle Nnamdi Asomugha to pass a message along to his teammate for him: Tell Vick to slide. Being a good American, Vick tweeted his response to the President's request:

If the President of the U.S is saying I need to slide then I really need to start sliding. Lol. Thanks Mr. President!

If the man can get Michael Vick to fall in line so quickly there is no telling what he could do with the rest of the league!

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