Presenting the Manliest Movie Quotes of All Time: #1- “If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It”

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chris-littlechild - March 26, 2013

As you'll surely all attest, Predator is a cinematic rite of passage for all self-respecting dudely dudes. It's up there with such revelations as hey, why is hair growing...down there and wait, girlsaren'ticky. Maybe I'll introduce one to my wang some time. You know this to be the truth (even if you don't. In which case we've previously proven it, by utilizing ACTUAL SCIENCE and/or piss-taking snark right here).

As such, it has the honor of being showcased first in our Manliest Movie Quotes Ever series. How better to display our disdain for another impending wanktacular working week than with a great tide of spirit-lifting masculinity? We're here for you, as always, Ego-readers. So is Arnold Schwarzenegger (and Carl Weathers, whose is that terror-urine cascading down my khaki pants? Yes, yes it is. Ah well expression of mild perturb-itude -maintained throughout- adds a little comedy value to proceedings). Enjoy the most mantastic eleven seconds you'll spend today.

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