Prepare Yourselves for DOOMception

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chris-littlechild - July 18, 2015

Damn it, Doom. Calm the eff down.

The grandpappy of the FPS has been about a bit. Hitting in 1992, it pretty well created a genre single-handedly, and has become one of the most legendary games ever made. Mods are still being made today (even if they are a bit wank, like adding selfie sticks and Instagram filters), and aren't going anywhere.

At this point, there are few devices that can't run Doom. Pocket calculators, fancy-ass Japanese fridges... I was even busting a cacodemon or two on my electric razor this morning. It's on a mission to be ported to every freaking machine in existence, and it cannot and will not ever be stopped.

But we already knew that. The question was, in its quest for world domination, where the hell can the original Doom go from here? It can bring us Doomception, that's where. Prepare for mankind's ultimate step into the Doomspace.

Yes indeed. When it comes to getting your Doom on the right way, playing a game of Doom inside another game of Doom is where it's really at. Thanks to TheZombieKiller's newly-added lil' arcade machine, you too can now Doom with the big boys. Check it out:

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