Poppy Delevingne Wet Bikini Delights in Ibiza

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bill-swift - July 12, 2014

Poppy Delevingne traveled in the footsteps of her British brethren or sisteren and showed off her summer time body in the South of Spain for everyone to leer and gasp and delight in views of the socialite and model and older sister of Cara flashing her slender au natural goodness.

The Brits invade the South of Spain this time of year, bringing with them their fish pies and pale skin in need of some closer to the equator time in the sun to unfurl in full faptastic form. Something like that. Mostly I just like seeing Poppy pop out of the water all drippy and hot. I could see her walking the runway in my fashions, primarily consisting of sheer panties and a tiny top that says My Heart Belong to Bill. Yes, I've been sewing. Enjoy.

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