Pop That Top Off: Poppy Lets You Shoot 3D Images With Your iPhone

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bill-swift - July 5, 2013

Two-dimensional jugs are fine, like most of the ones you find here on Egotastic (check out Summer St. Clair'slingerie striptease for good measure), but three-dimensional t'tties are even better. So clips of hot nudes are pretty easy to come by, but when you don't have a data connection and don't have the videos saved to your device, then you'll have to find an alternative way to get your 3D fill.

Why don't you start with the Poppy?

It's an attachment for the iPhone that allows users to shoot 3D clips and still images. It looks like one of those viewfinders that you probably played with a lot when you were still a kid, only it's about a hundred times cooler since it uses nothing but mirrors to transform your phone's shooter into a 3D one.

3D photography has never been this easy.

Get It: $49

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