Pollute the Atmosphere With Your Ashes for $2,000

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bill-swift - August 20, 2013

When you're dead, you have two choices: be eaten by microorganisms and decompose slowly over time or be cremated. The second option has always seemed more appealing to me. It takes up less space, won't pollute the water tables, and it just seems like a neater way to go.

The only question left after getting a cremation is: where do you want your ashes to go? If you answered 'outer space' a couple of years ago, then people would probably scoff and laugh at you. But in the here and now, that's totally possible, all thanks to Elysium Space.

It has no connection to the movie, in case you're wondering. Anyway, for just $1,990, Elysium Space will fly a small container of your ashes (and other people's, too) and launch them into low earth orbit, where it'll circle the earth for a couple of months or years even before burning up in the atmosphere.

There's that, or you could just ask someone to scatter your ashes down at the local beach. At least that option is free...I think.

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