Pokemon Go Forcing Americans To Exercise

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michael-garcia - July 12, 2016

Pokemon is back in a real serious way with Pokemon Go. In this wildly popular game, people (mostly adults) go around in the real world and try and catch Pokemon with the help of their phone. Sometimes people travel long distances in order to get the Pikachus or whatever that they need for their collection. The unintended side effect is that Americans are getting exercise. Maybe that was the intention all along with those wacky folks at Pokemon headquarters. I'm sure they figured that mostly kids were going to play it but if my Facebook feed is any indication, people in their 20's and 30's are playing it just as much. I guess it makes sense. This is a generation with arrested development, after all. There are reports that people have gotten hurt while seeking their Pokemon and not paying attention to things like oncoming traffic. Get some exercise, walk in the sunshine, but don't lose your life over a stupid cartoon monster, y'all.

Frankly anything that can get us off our butts and outside is a good thing even if it is for a stupid reason. It is a fad, of course, and in a few weeks these same people will be back sitting on the couch eating pork rinds and hating themselves. 

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