Plus-Sized Model Ayesha Perry-Iqbal Bares Her Super Curvy Bikini Bod In Poolside Candids

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aldo-vallon - October 23, 2018

I appreciate that Ayesha Perry-Iqbal is practicing proper pool etiquette by draping her towel over the lounger that she is using. Why everyone cannot be as considerate is a question that I have been asking since I was a germophobic child.

Listen people, just because we are all at a public pool using our bodies like human teabags in bathtub of ass soup does not mean that we need to give up on all standards of living. Certain practices do need to be suspended in order to enjoy such things, but once the body is out of the water those same practices need to be reinstated.

Just because your body was submerged in water does not mean it is clean. And just because your body is wet does not mean that you are not sweating. You are, and it is gross. I understand that those rubber strips on the chairs do not absorb moisture like typical fabric would, but they also never get cleaned, just like the duvets at hotels. So please put a layer of something between yourself and the chair that someone else will be sitting in when you are done.


Photo Credit: MEGA