Playstation’s Mystery Tweet Is Seriously Overworking Our Research Department

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bill-swift - July 10, 2013

Sony Playstation's Twitter account tweeted something crazy earlier today: a mysterious photo. All it says is, "When Worlds Collide."

WHAT WORLDS, SONY!? WHEN WILL THEY COLLIDE!? HOW WILL THEY COLLIDE? WHO WILL THEY COLLIDE!? WHERE WILL THEY COLLIDE!? We need answers. And we need them fast. The Egotastic Research Department has been hard at work on these very questions all day, as pictured here:

She can only do so much in so little time...and what with only one microscope and no labcoat and all. Look, we're directly admitting that we're not smart enough nor do we have a big enough research budget to figure this out, Sony. So, like, don't keep us hanging too long, ok?

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