PlayStation VR: The (Freaking Ridiculous) Amazon Review

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chris-littlechild - March 17, 2016

  Customer reviews are a hell of thing. They can be dumb, snarky, useless, informative, damn funny… anything really. Remember the guy who gave that hot sauce a poor review because he slathered his scrote in it and it burned like hell? That was a real thing. Just ask the internet, it’ll tell you.  

Now, professional reviewers can, and often do, spout pure molten BS as well. But they’ll usually at least try to give you some kind of objective infotastic about the product at hand. To, y’know, help you with the whole ‘should I buy this mothereffer’ thing. Amazon user reviews, meanwhile, often give something a one-star rating because the courier threw it to the recipient through their open fourth floor window and it was broken to holy hell upon opening.

Which isn’t all that helpful for prospective buyers. Nor is reviewing an item you’ve no damn clue about, because it doesn’t release for six months. Earlier today, Kotaku brought us the sorry state of Amazon’s PlayStation VR user reviews. They're solid gold. Check out 'Amazon Customer's thoughts, for instance:

Yup, super informative stuff. This is the kind of dumbassery you see (more at the link). My personal favorite was the war between the ‘give it one star to keep the balance’ guy and the ‘give it five stars to counteract the haters’ guy. Clearly, if you want to know everything there is to know about the upcoming PlayStation VR, look no further.



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