PlayStation Plus Offers Up Some Sweet, Sweet Mediocrity This April

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chris-littlechild - March 31, 2016

 As the seasoned gametastic among us will know, Games with Gold and PS Plus’s monthly offerings are often a lil’ questionable. Genuine quality AAA titles... from several years ago, that sort of thing. 

While the games at hand aren’t often bad, per se, they underwhelm our asses in all kinds of new and creative ways each month. Still, there are always surprises.

April’s Games with Gold lineup, as we’ve seen, is pretty damn good. Xboxers are advised to get themselves a slice of it. So the ball’s in your court, Sony. Can PlayStation step up to the challenge and not be crap this month too? Spoiler: No, no they can’t. But let’s take a look anyway.

Over PS4 way, Plus subscribers can get themselves Zombi, a first-person zombie-athon around London. There’s also the fancy looking space shooter Dead Star. Elsewhere, there’s a choice of I Am Alive and Savage Moon on PS3 and A Virus Named Tom and Shutshimi for Vita. If you want a piece of any of this, they’ll be available to download from mid next week. 


Via Blurrdy.

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