Playstation 4/The Next Playstation Reveal Happens Here LIVE! (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 21, 2013

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At 3pm PST/6PM EST, you can catch the Twitch live streaming program for what is presumed to be Sony's reveal event for the next Playtation. Just click the player above and get ready to be wowed.

Sony is holding a special event in New York today that is widely expected to be the initial reveal of the next Playstation console. The name, the design and some key features are fair expectations for today's reveal with tastier details like the price and specific games to come way later. If the next Playstation was a WWE superstar, today's event would merely be the first bar of his entrance music. There's a lot more to come.

Speculation and reporting on the next Playstation by Kotaku has been outstanding. Talk of a dedicated "share" button and a small touchscreen on the new fangled controller have dominated much of the discussion in the weeks and days leading up to February 20. If today is indeed the day for revelation, I'm most excited about learning the name of this beast. Playstation 4 seems unlikely because that would be a problem in Japan where writing it out on giant billboards would turn people off. You don't want to have to call a console something different in different territories around the world. One name, one product and lots of money is the plan here.

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