Playmate Stefanie Knight White Bikini Headlight Hotness

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bill-swift - November 25, 2015

Stefanie Knight has some idea of what the boys want to see at the beach. A sextastic brunette bikini girl showing off her front side faptastic and boot side derriere much to the delight of those who wish to feel anatomically inspired whilst visiting the shoreline. 

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As a Playmate alum, Stefanie has the particular skill set required to pimp herself and any insignificant consumer product by way of her epic racktastic, in white bikini. one of the prime bikini colors for the showing off of the sweet melons and the headlights beneath. It's not super warm this time of year in Malibu, so Stefanie gets three gold stars for this performance plus an invite to my sauna, technically my shower left on full high heat, to warm her bones and the fine flesh around them. My job is just to keep the rocks warm. Yes, I call them my rocks. And they are quite warm, thanks for asking, Stefanie. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: FameFlynet