Playmate Ana Braga Steps Out In Super Skimpy Gold Crotch-Hugger

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elliot-wolf - May 9, 2018

Oh how I love to brag about Ana Braga. She may not be mine yet but I’m willing to search the ends of the Earth just to get a hold of this woman in gold. She should be at the end of every rainbow so I’d always know where to find her. I’d always take a pot of Ana Braga over a pot of gold every time. Because a pot of gold may be worth a lot but it’s nowhere near as much as Ana’s worth, due to her being priceless and all.

I can see she enjoys long walks and workouts in the park. What a coincidence. Me too. I have a few retro threads laying around to shred and sweat in. If she’s into leotards and fanny packs I can show up in some funky colored windbreakers and dual headbands. She’ll have no choice but to notice me as I workout at the tree adjacent to this treasure of a woman. I'll bring inline skates and weights. Then we can emulate whatever we remember seeing from Richard Simmons videos. And enjoy some one on one time after. Post workout romantic conversations are always the best when you want to recover quickly from a park session.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Pacific Coast News