The Secret Formula for a Good Video Game Commercial: More Women, Less Clothes (VIDEO)

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chris-littlechild - May 28, 2013

You know, naturally, our usual stance towards shameless displays of women cavorting in their undercarriage: a wry, disapproving shake of the head, and a somber expression such as you might wear upon hearing that your kitten, Mr. Shubert Snugglebottom VII, has been hit by a careening Krispy Kreme truck. We're above such things, as is the fine gentleman's publication that is Playboy.

We've both been known to slip occasionally, though (on days that end in 'ay,' for instance), and Hugh Hefner's entourage slipped in a big way with their 2011 video in honor of The 3rd Birthday. This rather obscure PSP release will be familiar only to fans of the Parasite Eve series, and/or fans of alarmingly large cleavages. Behold the brilliantly brazen clip above; you might even see a brief nanosecond of footage of the game in question amid all the sextastic.

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