Pizza Compass Helps You Find A Joint When You Get the Munchies

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bill-swift - May 24, 2013

Got the munchies? Forget trying to find a pizza place using Google because the interwebs is just littered with bogus reviews. Aside from potentially walking to a roach-infested pizza parlor, you might also get a good hit during your search...only to find out that it's hundreds of miles away from where you live.

If you need your pizza fast and you want it now, then the only way to go about it is the Pizza Compass. It's an app that will lead you to the pizza place that's closest to your current location.

Once you make your pizza connection, you can access a map that'll offer directions and routes to get there. You can also check out ratings and reviews on the pizza place, in case you're not entirely convinced yet. It also lists down the operating hours of the establishment so you won't find yourself closed out once you get there. Neat, huh?

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