Pixie Geldof Perfectly Pert Bikini Buns On A Boat

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elliot-wolf - December 15, 2018

When I think of the perfect buns, my mind immediately imagines the bread from my local bakery leaving the oven at 6 a.m. But, much to my own dismay, I have overlooked another source of where perfectly crafted buns come from. With my most sincerest apologizes to the unsung master baker in a bikini, Pixie Geldof, I promise to never be blind to her bake shop again. She kept her curves concealed well in jean shorts that would make Ariel Winter jealous. But with better weather wherever she’s at, she’s got the goods on full display.

I haven’t seen better buns since Hot Cross season last Easter. Pixie should be proud of herself. I’m proud for her. Her outfit is making her hotter and more desirable than anything that’s ever come out of an oven. I’d rub butter all over her but I’m pretty sure that it’s against the law in most states. We’d have to travel to France for that kind of fun. I’d love to watch her turn a golden baked brown on the beach in a bikini just so I can worship her on the sand. She's hot enough to start her own religion and I don't mind being her first disciple.


Photo Credit: MEGA