Pink Milking For All It’s Worth

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Sam Robeson - August 17, 2017

While the world turns its collective head towards business casual neo-Nazis, somewhat passable trans man Pink is holding down the milk bag advocacy fort that nobody gives a fuck about. When you're engaged in a battle against zero people for media attention, what does that make you? Pathological narcist? Delusional? Desperate? "Oh you do go on" - Pink.   

The mother of two splatted out her youngest this past December, and has enjoyed a steady milky stream of coverage thanks to her breastfeeding pictures on Instagram. For her newest picture, Pink can be seen giving a shocked expression as breast pumps slurp nutrients out of her tits. Her expression either says "Look how hilariously irreverent I can be while doing something mind-numbingly uninteresting. Love me. Please love me or I'll kill myself. I swear I'll do it, and I'll take my kids with me" or "Holy shit I look like a state fair wrestling champ." 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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