Pick Your Favorite Model From Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 Callbacks in NYC

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elliot-wolf - September 6, 2018

The reason I originally fell in love with Baskin Robbins was because they had so many flavors to choose from. I can now say the same for Victoria Secret. I just love a good selection. There are so many models to choose from that, I will admit, at first glance made me feel overwhelmed. But just like any optimistic person in a heavy situation, I shall overcome. My answer on who’s my favorite after disclosing that it’s all of them may seem broad, but have you seen these beautiful women? You’d have to be blind to not put every last one of them in your top 20 favorite people to obsess over.

I’m going to give Shayna Terese an extra gold star for effort with her see-through shirt. That is the hottest thing I seen since the radiator in my truck blew. Ophelie Guillermand also gets a notable mention for a similar outfit. I would most likely have a hard time always attempting to pronounce her name so I’d call her “mine” for short. I feel like I’m in danger of blowing my own head gasket with this hot lady overload I’m looking at. I hope at least one of these fine individuals happens to have some water so I can cool off.


Photo Credit: Splash News