Pia Mia Perez Bare Midriff Lunch Run

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michael-garcia - September 29, 2016

Sultry songstress Pia Mia Perez went out to lunch in a crop top tank top thing and it was lovely. Her jugs were front and center with a bit of tasty cleavage for all of us to enjoy. Pia has a wonderful rack. They are exactly a bit of a handful which is just the right size. Any bigger than that and you are going to need a catcher's mitt. But the real star of the show was her bare midriff. She's got a nice tight stomach that is toned and tanned just like how the good Lord intended. Her belly button is one of the most attractive I've seen in a while and I see a lot of celebrity midriffs in this job. But this one is particularly well shaped. There is nothing worse than when you get a girl down to her skivvies and she's got a jacked up belly button. That's just a tragedy. I mean, worse things have happened in world history but that's definitely in the top 50.

Pia is from Guam. I know a couple of people from there and they are sexual freaks. I can only assume this is in the national character. I'd like to marry her and find out. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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