Phoebe Tonkin Super Hot Black Bikinis

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bill-swift - January 9, 2016

I love me an Australian woman in a bikini. Or out of a bikini. Or just one of my old weed t-shirts that I'll only feel somewhat hesitant about ripping apart in a fit of masculinity. Phoebe Tonkin is just such a Down Under wonder. The hot actress and model posing in various little black bikinis for Russh magazine.

Phoebe is another one of those sextastic Aussie sweethearts who have transplanted to the U.S. I don't like to brag, but we're doing better than Turkmenistan in terms of hottie imports. I think it's because we have Uber. Phoebe is a natural beauty, never going in for those fake body parts or enhancements. A little makeup, a little sunshine, a skilled photographer, and that's all it takes to make the leering set of gentleman happy as clams. Clams could see up Phoebe's skirts at the beach, so that's super duper happy. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Russh Magazine