Phoebe Price Isn’t Wearing Very Much And That’s Okay

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bill-swift - July 18, 2015

Some people laugh at the dream Phoebe Price came to Hollywood with. I think it's marvelous. To be ogled. As a lifelong gawker of women, how can I possible not promote the symbiotic relationship between Tom and his peep-ees. Yin and yang and eyeballs and funbags all co-existing in equal parts harmony.

Phoebe Price was down by the water getting some much wanted attention in some extremely sheer pants, a furry low slung bikini, and then even not the bikini, all in the name of some visual wonderment as yet to be released. My hat is off to Phoebe. No, not that hat. The other one. She has no quit in her. So long as she has the desire, I will not let her down. Together, into the future, my binoculars and her wanton desire to exhibit her sweet Funions. Cue the harp music. I hear angels. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash