Perfect Body Beth Morgan Poses In Bloody, Beautiful Halloween Corset

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aldo-vallon - October 31, 2018

I pray I never see the day when I wake up in the morning to find a woman like Beth Morgan covered in blood beside me. Sure, there will be the momentary ecstasy felt upon being reminded of how hot she is, but I think that feeling will leave me pretty quickly. I’m pretty sure it will.

I am thankful that she had mercy on us by splashing that blood on in such a way that it could not possibly be from any real wound. That makes it easier to remind myself that this is all staged. For Beth to have had an injury that caused that pattern of blood she would have had to have a nosebleed and not even bothered to try to stop it. I can have some pretty wicked nosebleeds myself, and if she needs any tips I would be more than happy to provide some.

My paranoia is starting to take over now. What if this was never meant to be Beth’s blood at all? What if it is someone else’s? This would be a great alibi for her to get away with murder. “No, Detective, it couldn’t have been me. I was at a modeling shoot staging my own murder.”



Photo Credit: Instagram / Backgrid USA