Perfect Bloody Marys, Here I Come: Bacon Rimshot Salts

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bill-swift - January 25, 2013

It's common knowledge that bacon goes perfectly well with a Bloody Mary. To be honest, it pretty much goes along with everything else on most menus, but it just makes these blood-red cocktails taste better and more flavorful somehow. It doesn't make sense to fry a few strips of bacon every time you drink the cocktail, even though the idea is pretty tempting. It's just too much hassle.

What would be perfect instead is Demitri's Bacon Rimshot Salts.

These are bacon-flavored salt crystals that's supposed to be places around the rim of the glass filled with the Bloody Mary. You can put some on a little dish and help yourself whenever you sip, but either way will do. It's the newest (and can I say, the best) way to enjoy Bloody Marys: salty and porky with a hint of smoke.

Get It: $10.99

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