People Can’t Stop Talking About The Coffee Cup In Last Night’s Game Of Thrones

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earl-jonas - May 6, 2019


Following the best fight scene in Game Of Throne's history was a tall order for last night's episode. Or a grande order. Or venti. It's hard to tell, but what is apparent is that someone accidentally left a cup of coffee visible in one scene. With a melting point of about 4 degrees, it isn't hard for Twitter to have a meltdown, and it did just that after seeing a standard, modern-day, non-old-timey to-go coffee cup gracing a table where a bunch of people were talking about the one ring to rule them all or Busch Gardens Williamsburg or something. I think the coffee cup was just a strategic decoy to prevent GOT fans from realizing we've now gotten two episodes in a row with no nudity. Well let's rectify that right here right now...


Photo Credit: HBO via Mr. Skin

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