People Are Naming Their Kids After Star Wars Characters

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michael-garcia - April 1, 2016

I remember a few years ago I used to work in my mom's pediatrician office and I was shocked that people named their kids after singers. It being Houston, there were like 7 Beyonces in the practice. Then came Game of Thrones and names like Daenerys and Khaleesi became popular things to name your daughter. Khaleesi is particularly dumb because it's a title and not a name. This trend of people giving their kids stupid names based on pop culture continues with the number of kids being named Kylo, Rey, and Finn after the main characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They aren't as popular as Jennifer or Michael, but they are certainly rising in popularity. Do these parents not think about these kid's futures? If a guy came in to my office for a job interview and his name was Kylo Ren Johnson, I'd call security before he chopped up my desk with his janky lightsaber.

All I'm saying is that a person's name is important. How many girls have been destined for the pole because of the stripperish names they were given at birth? How many men destined to say, "Do you want fries with that?" Also, why is it these new characters that are getting all the love. I'd much rather name my kid Chewbacca or Han Solo, (respect).