Paz Vega Super Richly Hot in Cannes Yacht Photoshoot

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bill-swift - May 21, 2013

One of the other silver linings of the woefully high brow Cannes Film Festival is that with all the euro-models and actresses in town for the big event, tons of hottie photoshoots take place. Usually pretty fashiony, but sometimes also pretty damn sweet.

Like Paz Vega shooting an upscale, but definitely most righteous photo set on Roberto Cavalli's yacht. I wish I had a yacht so super sextastic thespianics like Paz Vega would come model on my forecastle. And, by forecastle, I mean a part of the ship just ahead of the bridge, not a euphemism for my happy guy. Though I would like her to model on there too, depending upon her rate card.

Another note of sweet heat unexpected popping up in Cannes is the Asian actress Meng Li, who I most definitely noticed on the red carpet for  the film Tian Zhu Ding, which you may never see, but please do remember Meng Li. I'm not sure I could forget her myself. Enjoy.

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