Paulina Gretzky Will Help Out on a Slow Sports Day

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michael-garcia - July 12, 2012

Paulina Gretzky is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, so this is relevant. Paulina is branching out into acting from whatever else she does, sending out this pic on Instagram from the set of Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2 with her friend and apparent co-star, some model who is on twitter @KimberlyAlexisH.

The day after the MLB All-Star game is just the worst day for sports. It's the one day of the year when not a single major sport plays a game. Sorry, no offense WNBA or MLS, you're not quite there yet.

Thankfully there's a lot of NBA news to catch up on, as today is the day when contracts can be made official. So let's get to it.

photo via BustedCoverage

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