Paula Abdul Leggy Peeks In Mini Skirt At LAX

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bill-swift - April 21, 2016

Okay, perhaps it's just me, but I suspect not. I used to have a monster crush on Paula Abdul. Not just the cheerleading days and the early music video days, but even after. Up until perhaps the American Idol days when I was forced to dislike everything about that show. She was one of the original petite hottie minxes in Hollywood. Diminutive in stature but always high on revealing little dance outfits and a little too much liquor for her own good. 

Occasionally I still catch glimpses of Paula to remind me of that special time we once had together. Well, that I had with her and she didn't sign any kind of legal order with the the Dream Police to stop me, so that was like reciprocation. As in Paula through LAX in a brightly colored miniskirt holding her phone like a rockstar champ still. I'm not sure my feelings are the same as they were twenty years ago, but old passion dies hard. You never forget a fantasy girl. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews