Party Rockin’ with Zombies: Check Out the Coffin With a Built-In Sound System

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bill-swift - December 19, 2012

A coffin called the CataCoffin with a built-in 3-speaker sound system? Why in hell would anyone make something like this? Here's an even better question: Who in the world would ever want to buy (or be buried) in one?

I don't know the why's or the specific who's, but I can definitely tell you that only the filthy rich have the option of ever getting one of these, because they cost a mighty $35,000!

The CataCoffin comes with the CataTomb, which is a tombstone with a display that lets you control what sounds you want to play at the wake of said dead filthy rich person. And when he's been buried ten feet under the ground, you can continue to use the CataCoffin so y'all can dance and party on his grave.

Sounds sick--and definitely not in a good way.

Check It Out: $35,000

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