Party Girl Laura Simpson’s Cleavage Out Clubbing In Sexy Bodysuit

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aldo-vallon - June 11, 2018

Laura Simpson is truly a fashion trailblazer. I would have never thought to wear a leotard outside of the gym. This is why we need people who laugh at the thought of standards and tradition. Without them we would still be dressing like the Amish.

I do not mean to be disparaging to the Amish. They are really low hanging fruit when it comes criticism over the internet. It isn’t like they will ever be able to defend themselves, they won’t even know I said anything about them. Well, they won’t unless someone says something to them. But that would make that person a snitch, and we all know what this country thinks of snitches. I do not want to say anything that might implicate me in court, but they tend to wind up either with stiches or in ditches.

But back to the point. Laura Simpson in that Leotard is a real revelation. I would have never thought to wear such an outfit. That is mainly because leotards have not been in fashion for men for about 70 years. Outside of gymnasts, men need to wear much baggier clothing. I blame rappers for this. They made ill-fitting clothing look so damn cool.


Photo Credit: Splash News