Parody-tastic: Eight Quick and Easy Life Hacks That’ll Won’t Make Your Life Any Better (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 30, 2013

So-called gurus constantly churn out blogs and videos of 'incredibly quick' and 'amazingly easy' life hacks that promise to give you great results with minimal effort. If you believe in all that crap, then we're sorry to burst your bubble, but didn't your momma ever tell you that nothing good in life ever comes for free?

You gotta put in the work so you can reap what you sow and all that crap. It's about time popular hacker KipKay came up with this awesome parody putting these 'life hacks' in their place. There's a reason why you should do stuff the way they were meant to be done, without all these shortcuts that make everything more complicated in the end. As for plunger-slash-outdoor beer holders? No, thank you.

And so, the hacks get hacked. Enjoy!

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