Paris Jackson Tight Pants in West Hollywood

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elliot-wolf - March 22, 2018

Paris Jackson looks better than a whole pig roasting in a barbecue pit when she decided to put on those pair of pants for the day. She’s a very stylish lady and it shows. I haven’t seen such a cool souvenir bomber jacket since the time I saw the movie Drive. Paris has the appearance of a woman who is a thrift store thoroughbred. I’m the proud owner of a ton of second and third-hand clothing. And I’d appreciate help from someone like her when it comes to putting together an outfit. I can be her special project and she can call me diamond in the rough as a codename because I’m capable of cleaning up very well.

Any woman that found a top to match those amazing pants deserves an applause. I’d give Paris a standing ovation all evening while out on the town. I may have been heartbroken in the past but by no means am I damaged goods. I would be the perfect accessory that could compliment any outfit Paris puts together. If she chose to wear me around her waist instead of a belt from Goodwill or Plato's Closet it would be the best decision she ever made.

Photo Credit: Backgrid